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► Missions Manager • Marketing & Communications • General operations • Executives accompaniment •••

Human first. I have got a chance to collaborate with people from various locations (in North-America and Europe, in Middle-East and Sub-Saharan Africa, in Asia). I have been visiting over 40 countries, for business purposes. I am so glad I learned so much from people there!

To keep it short here, my role is to accompany start-ups and small- or medium-sized organizations (electronics, software, healthcare, industry, media). At ease in niche and unexplored markets, I collaborate mostly on strategy & communications (internal / external) and on processes & operations. Accompanying managers and leading teams, I enjoy humbly transferring and sharing experience, helping people and learning from them in return.

With over 25 year experience in business, I played multiple roles with recognized successes in both R&D, software development, marketing, sales, management. I ran most of my career working with foreign companies for contributing to their deployment and growth in EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa).

As an independent worker, I am able to offer services in an easy way and so to shortly focus on the actions to be led. I am a priori open and flexible on remuneration options (hour, day, flat-rate), and can give credit to success fees under particular conditions.

The first step with a new customer, consists of setting-up a strong and truthful relationship. For both of us the objective is to consolidate our collaboration on medium and long term, in order to accompany the growth for both my customer’s and my own business.

Please feel free to reach me on LinkedIn or to email at contact[a]ABFC-group.com for any inquiry. www.linkedin.com/in/brunoforgue


Human first! Differences & diversityI learned so much from my international business experiences. These opportunities have been confirming (if needed) that teams and enterprises are stronger, are more agile and grow faster, when they are able to gather cultures and to build on differences, able to bring together men and women at the same level of consideration and responsibilities, able to gather senior and younger staffs, who all have the will to bring value and to collaborate. Collaborate for personal and for shared successes.

I am one of those who believe that collaborative work is one of the founding principles of success for an organization. From the very first thoughts to the achieved results and the derived benefits.


Bridge your business to EMEA countries (Europe Middle-East Africa):
► Specify, support, execute your Corporate Development strategy.
► Define, plan and deploy your Marketing & Communications strategy.


Thank you for your interest in ABFC!


This site is under construction. I'll be back here with valuable content in future. In the meantime, don't hesitate: reach me on LinkedIn or email to contact[a]ABFC-group.com and I will come back to you as soon as possible.

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